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Chess Secrets: The Giants of Strategy - Neil McDonald

Chess Secrets: The Giants of Strategy - Neil McDonald
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In Chess Secrets: The Giants of Strategy, International Grandmaster Neil McDonald examines the games of players who are famous for making a large contribution to strategic play in chess. The players include world champions like Kramnik, Karpov, Petrosian and Capablanca.

Not only does McDonald point out the difference between the players' style, he also explains how chess strategy has developed in the past century and what the role of strategy is in today's top level games.

*Discover the unique style of each world champion
*Learn how famous chess strategist approach the game
*Easy to read for players of all levels

International Grandmaster Neil McDonald lives in the UK and is one of Engeland's strongest players. He is a often seen participant in international chess tournament both in Europa and outside Europa. He is also the trainer of some of the most talented young players from Engeland. McDonalds easy-to-read writing style makes him one of Everyman Chess' most popular writers.

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