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Fighting the Anti-Sicilians - Richard Palliser

Fighting the Anti-Sicilians - Richard Palliser
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After being faced with 1.e4, Black’s most popular answer at all levels of chess would be The Sicilian Defence. Why you might ask? The answer is simple: by the very first move Black will unbalance the position on the board and will play for a win without having to take unjustified risks. Regarding the Open Sicilian, this is particularly the case, since Black controls the centre with his superior pawn structure and creates great long-term chances.

It’s not strange that many White players prefer to play one of the various ‘Anti-Sicilian’ lines, regarding the problems mentioned above and the fact that Open Sicilians usually demands a massive build-op of theory. A few of these alternatives to 2.Nf3 include the Grand Prix Attack, a few wild gambits, and variations such as 2.c3 and the Closed Sicilian.

Richard Palliser created a repertoire for Black, outstanding in its completeness and its great practically-oriented view, what makes it a must-have for Sicilian players. As you may expect from such an outstanding book, Palliser points out many variations and options, moves and strategies and teaches players how to maximize the Sicilian.

*Essential reading for Sicilian players
*Covers all of White’s alternatives to 2.Nf3
*Written by a renowned Sicilian expert

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