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Play the Grunfeld - Yelena Dembo

Play the Grunfeld - Yelena Dembo
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The Grünfeld has become very popular at all levels of chess as being a great, dynamic answer to 1.d4. Garry Kasparov himself is responsible for a great part of this popularity since he used it in many of his chess battles.

The Grünfeld is often adored by ambitious players. This is mostly due to the fact that the Grünfeld often results in very complex and tactical play. However, this is a major disadvantage for most players too. A good Grünfeld play demands a lot of knowledge and experience from players since numerous different variations need to be understood.

Yelena Dembo as an opening expert reduces this problem with this great book, Play The Grünfeld, in which she provides a great overview of all aspects and solutions for both Black’s and White’s play, whether regarding a critical main line or a tricky sideline.

With this chess book, you will be able to understand The Grünfeld and its complicated aspects as well being able to play The Grünfeld with confidence in your own game. Understand why this was the favourite of the greatest chess player of all times: Garry Kasparov!

Why this chess book suites you:

*Written by a renowned Grünfeld expert
*Covers all of White’s main tries
*Reveals the tactical and positional ideas for both sides

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