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Practical Endgame Play - Beyond The Basics - Glenn Flear

Practical Endgame Play - Beyond The Basics - Glenn Flear
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Most chess books that cover the endgame, discuss a few basic positions like the Philidor position and the Saveedra. Others go on endlessly about all the different positions that can occur in a pawn- or a rookending. In Practical Endgame Play, International Grandmaster Glenn Flear has decided to take a whole different approach.

Flear has studied a statistical database, containing millions of chessgames and has concluded that twenty percent of the games includes a two piece versus two piece ending.

Therefore Grandmaster Flear has written an endgame book that covers only these specific endings, for example endings like rook and knight versus rook and bishop. The result is that you can now improve your endgame play significantly by studying only the endgames that are relevant for practical play. You want to know how? Than this book is for you!

Glenn Flear was born in Engeland and is an International Grandmaster. His has played competitive chess on the highest level for many, many years. Nowadays he is an enthousiastic chess trainer and an experienced writer of chess books.

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