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The Caro-Kann Defence offers white few attacking possibilities; 1...c6 is generally considered to be one of black's most solid replies, if not the most solid reply, to 1.e4.
After 2.d4 d5, black will exchange pawns on e4 and rapidly develop his pieces with a sound position. White usually retains a space advantage, but black may aim to liquidate white's d4-pawn with a well-timed ...c5 or ...e5, although very often he simply sits back and waits for white to over-press. The two main systems which follow this plan (after 3.Nc3 dxe4 4.Nxe4) are Anatoly Karpov's favourite, 4...Nd7, and the old, reliable main line 4...Bf5. 4...Nf6 leads to a different sort of game with an interesting strategic struggle ahead after both 5...gxf6 and 5...exf6 (in reply to 5.Nxf6).
The Advance Variation (3.e5) gained in popularity when it was discovered that after 3...Bf5 white had no need to lash out with an early g4 but instead could simply develop his pieces (4.Nf3, 5.Be2) with a reasonable chance of obtaining an opening plus. The Panov-Botvinnik Attack is white's other major system against the Caro-Kann and is popular with lovers of IQP positions.

from Nunn's Chess Openings.

Play the Caro-Kann - Jovanka Houska

Play the Caro-Kann - Jovanka Houska

In response to white's first move 1.e4, the Caro-Kann Defence is one of the most reliable and yet dynamic options. It is therefore included in the repertoires of top grandmaster like Evgeny Bareev and Alexei Dreev and it has been former world champion Anatoly Karpov's black 'weapon' for more than two decades. The Caro-Kann can lead to both sharp tactical and quiet positional positions and that is ...

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