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Although a wide variety of moves are played in the opening, the aims behind them are broadly speaking the same. First and foremost, the aim is to avoid being checkmated and avoid losing material, as in other phases of the game. However, assuming neither player makes a blunder in the opening, the main aims include:

  1. Development
  2. Control of the center
  3. King safety
  4. Good pawn structure

Discovering Chess Openings - John Emms

Discovering Chess Openings - John Emms

“A good begin is half the work”, an old Dutch proverb, points out exactly what is so important in chess: the opening, where a great part of the entire game is decided. Opening strategy and knowledge is vital. So what’s to do? Simply memorize the countless openings?

Fortunately not. John Emms, famous for his writing and his play, comes with a great book in which he shows th...

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