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The Modern Defence, 1.e4 g6, and the Pirc Defence, 1.e4 d6, are two closely related openings based around the fianchetto of black's dark-squared bishop. In both cases black allows white to form a broad pawn-centre with the aim of undermining it later. These openings may appear passive, but black's lack of space may be deceptive; if white does not take care, they can pack a suprising counter-attacking punch.
Usually an early Nf6 by black will transpose into the Pirc Defence. White's most common systems are the Classical, in which white contents himself with a modest but flexible piece development, and the aggresive Austrian Attack, in which white plays far more ambitiously but accepts a greater element of risk. However, in recent years lines based on Be3 or Bg5 have become far more popular and have so far enjoyed considerable practical success.

from Nunn's Chess Openings.

The Pirc in Black and White - James Vigus

The Pirc in Black and White - James Vigus

What to do against White’s most popular and most played opening 1.e4? Consider playing the Pirc Defence! Why? Black’s long-term idea is based on allowing White to build up an impressive and structured looking pawn centre, only to take it down by attacking it with pieces or timely pawn strikes. This play is attractive and does allow the battle on the board to look spectacular, but it does however c...

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